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  • Provide information on Depleted Uranium promised to servicemembers but not delivered.
  • To create an outreach process any group can use.

Most servicemebers have not been provided with DU safety training, as required by active policy for all of the services. They simply don’t know if or how they may have been exposed to uranium during their service, or that many policies that call for protective gear; special handling procedures for contaminated equipment; or required DU testing are ignored. Few soldiers and veterans know what the government already knows about DU.

This site provides easy access to a wide range of relevant topics.

We have chosen resources based on the credibility of the author or source and selected links both readable and informative. Most address a specific issue while also providing a rich overview of related topics.

From these links, you will find options for various levels of involvement - personally, regionally, or with existing international actions to ban production, sales, or use of uranium, and other indiscriminate poisons, like DU.

Uranium properties are not in dispute, but conflicting government statements about DU, together with the ‘Agent Orange experience’, should give us pause about trusting the Pentagon and Department of Defense to care as much for its soldiers, innocent non-combatants, and the environment than they care for their coveted & superior weapons

Our Humboldt Bay Chapter of Veterans For Peace encourages you to learn more about DU; and to share your knowledge and concerns, especially with service members and their families. Reproduction of any information on this site is welcome and encouraged.

The following excellent resources are from ICBUW,
International Committee to Ban Uranium Weapons

1. FAQ: DU testing for veterans    
WISE Uranium Project                                                                          

Overview of DU analysis of exposed veterans

2. False Negatives: Facts and Fiction about DU and US Veterans Dan Fahey
A look at the bad science and politicisation that is rife in the US veteran testing scheme. Presentation from 'Towards a Uranium Weapons Treaty' Workshop, UN Geneva, April 2008.

3.  Gulf War Illness & Depleted Uranium  Dave Cullen, CADU   
In November 2008 an exhaustive study on the health problems experienced by veterans of the 1991 Gulf War was produced by the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veteran’s Illnesses (RAC), a body set up by the US congress. The report powerfully illustrates the state of research on DU and human health, as well as showing the resistance within the US department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) to proper investigation into Gulf War illness and the flaws in research that they have commissioned.

4. Depleted Uranium: All the questions about DU and Gulf War Syndrome are not yet answered 21 November 2006 - Dr Rosalie Bertell
For 15 years, the debate about depleted uranium (DU) and its detrimental effects on the health of veterans of the Gulf War of 1991, on the Iraqi people and military (and subsequently on the people of Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq during the second war) has remained unresolved.